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Red Quasar Table Lighter with Flame
Red Quasar Table Lighter
Black Quasar Table Lighter with Flame
Black Quasar Table Lighter
Gunmetal Quasar Table Lighter with Flame
Gunmetal Quasar Table Lighter

Colibri Quasar Table Lighter

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The newest addition to the Quasar series, our Quasar Table Lighter by Colibri is a triple flame lighter with Quantum ignition embedded in its design. The lighter’s metallic pyramid body highlights sophistication alongside its durable functionality and includes non-slip rubber pads that will keep the lighter from slipping off your table or desk. 
  • Stationary Table Lighter
  • Triple-jet Pyramid Flame
  • Refillable Butane
  • Gift Box Included

This beautiful high-end cigar-smoking accessory is uniquely designed by Colibri, offering a two-year limited lighter warranty.